Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Learning a Lesson

I don't think  this blog is going to have a picture. I was thinking about my conversation with a very smart friend this evening. We were talking about when things happen to you, you hopefully can learn from them. Then again, if the same thing happens over and over, why do we make the same decisions? I said my fault was loyalty. If I am your friend, I am for life. But things do not always turn out the way we wish they would, so I guess it has to be a choice about what path to take. Usually, we pull out of something when the pain becomes much greater than the pleasure. Can I learn to not wait until the end is so apparent? I think it is something to work towards for my higher good. 
I guess this happens in art, also. We keep making the same choices in color, or technique, or creative style. And it does not bring us the ending we want. Or it does not sell no matter. Then it is time to reevaluate and also figure out why we want to keep doing it. If it is pure pleasure in the creative process, then I think we get a pass. If it doesn't bring joy, then why  bother?
 Just some thoughts on a rainy evening . 


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  2. Very insightful comments to ponder...I'll use them today for a fresh look at the activities and thoughts I choose.

  3. "if i am a friend, i am for life." it's 1 day at a time. what is 'for life' can only be this moment; anything else may be labelled romantic fantasy. maybe the only thing 'for life' is the illusions we live as we walk around in these delusional fantasies with interesting labels like 'friend for life'.