Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Time To Every Purpose

" To every thing there is a season, and  a time to every purpose...", so says this quote from Ecclesiastes in the Bible. I found it such an inspiration I used it for this calligraphy piece with the same name. I had these small pieces of paper  I wanted to use, and each of these thoughts seemed to fit nicely in a linear pattern. Start with function, then go to form. Art has many paths. 
We probably know it better as a song we all listened to. But what a great concept,  for thoughts, ideas, meanings. Isn't it true  that every thing does seem have a natural be a time period? It can year in our life; a moment of waiting for that anticipated phone call; word about a job or an acceptance to  a show. Sometimes it can seem to take forever to get out of our grief or pain. Yet that day of pure joy can go away in just a flash. 
There seems to be a natural rhythm to all things. I am looking at a quote from Winston Churchill which says " If you are going through hell, keep going..". In other words,  something will be waiting for you if you just keep going on". I guess we have to trust.
In an artistic sense , we could say our work progresses at a natural rhythm.We can try to rush it along, but the ink will dry when it is ready; the watercolors will bleed into each other when they are too wet;the clay will dry when it is ready; the piece will be finished when it is time.  My, I feel reflective today. 
Any thoughts to share on this?


  1. By golly...i think YOU've GOT IT! Not in our TIME, but theirs.
    Your Sister,

  2. There is a reason for all that we go know my issues... but life is turning out much better after all the pain in the last year. I am looking forward to starting up my painting on a regular basis again. Just finished a pet portrait, and today I sold two watercolors I did last night for a mother & daughter that found me on Fine Art America. They told me the color scheme...and they wanted cactus. So I did some new pieces (watercolors) and they bought two, and one of my blog paintings. Not a bad day after all!

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    1. Hi V.
      I saw this video and thought of your calligraphy skills. I never realized a nib (in the right hands) can do this:

      Paul B