Thursday, June 14, 2012

This card is entitled "Grandfather" and comes from an original calligraphy piece I did as an 11"by 14" framed exhibit entry. I used sepia ink and a real feather to emphasize its native connection.The words seems to connect to  a lot of people. It talks about  how a Native American Grandfather  has two wolves fighting in his heart. One is vengeful and angry, the other is compassionate and loving. When his grandson ask which wolf will win this fight in his heart, the Grandfather replies, " The one I feed".
Like everyone, I have those two sides of me, the loving and the not so loving  side. I guess it is a choice I face every day, how am I going to react to the challenges in front of me . Ever notice how it isn't the monumental problems that make us lose it, but the small everyday frustrations? The bad drivers in front of us; the painfully slow check out when we are in a hurry; the being on hold with an important call for what seems to be forever? 
 Which wolf will win the fight in my heart? The attitude I choose to take. I can choose to smile and go on, or not. Putting it in black and white is a nice reminder that, yes, my response Is  my choice, not the others' behavior .  What a creative process we live just by our reactions to everyday life. It is  the ultimate creation.

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