Saturday, October 19, 2019

The White Pueblo

I just unloaded my kiln and  found  this little jewel, my
"White Porcelain pueblo".  It is made from porcelain,

This style of my handmade bowls came from my artistic imagination and the environment I live in.The color you are seeing is actually the clay itself, with a clear glaze over. I like the smooth, modern feel of this basic image. 
As I say in my description tag, "...This is the view from outside my studio here in Sedona, AZ. I see our town, or pueblo, red rock silhouettes , cactus, and critters .The outer stain is the red iron oxide that colors our red rocks."  There is a bit of artistic license here, but truly this is what I see all around me. The critter is a little snake, which lives somewhere around  here, even when we don't see him. 
 I find with clay, it often tells me how to shape it. I make this style in three sizes. All fit so nicely in your hand,  and the clear color shows off  food or other items one might hold within. Although there is a similarity in my style within  this series, each pot is totally a one of a kind, signed by yours truly, V. Norton.

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