Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Abstract Celebration

Here is my latest ceramic creation entitled " Abstract Celebration", a wall triptych that is currently hanging in Jerome, Arizona. Rather a large piece,it covers over four feet in length and about 13 inches across.  Adorned with seed beads, there is  some  sparkle to my black, gray, purple and red palette. 
 It is a celebration, for a show by that name at the Jerome Artists' Cooperative, where I am a member. This gallery is a true coop, owned and manned by the artists.This exhibition offered  a chance  to do something  quite different for us all.
I like to work big, but kiln shelves have their limits. I knew I wanted a rather defined, abstract feel to this piece, since this has been a recurring theme in my ceramics  over the past few years.  
 Using low fire glazes gave me this ability , and I mixed the black and the white for this gray tone. It was a pleasant surprise, even for  me. Making it took weeks. Thin, large creations need to dry slowly; uncovering  a bit more every few days. They must be handled carefully.  Even finding the work space was a challenge in my studio. I wanted a feeling of motion, so the raised ribbons of color add the kinetic feeling I was after.
The true celebration comes when the kiln is opened and the creation is close to what  I envisioned. With ceramics, there is often the element of surprise, even for the artist!

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