Friday, March 4, 2016

The Ceramic Flowers of Spring

I like the whimsy of  flowers, so I add them to my ceramics. This is my handmade bowl that I decorated with three, distinct ceramic  blooms. Odd numbers seem more pleasing to my eye.  Not only are there individually created petals, but in the center the  tiny  stamens are visible.That makes me smile.
It is a larger vessel, measuring twelve inches in width, and about two inches high. I try to make it as thin in weight as I can. No modern machinery for this artist. Every slab of porcelain is hand rolled with my old fashioned rolling pin, and then shaped in a form. I admire the look of the low and lean container. It can rest  on a table, or be  displayed in a stand to admire. Like all my high fired bowls, it is totally lead free and food safe.
People refer to this as a " white" bowl,  which  it is. The fun aspect relates to the fact that  you are actually looking at the color of the clay itself: white, high fired porcelain with a clear glaze over, making  it permanent and functional. On the outside is the iron oxide stain which shows on the flowers. I see this color every day on the red rocks of Sedona, where I live, and create. This is truly a bowl of nature.  

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