Friday, February 12, 2016

The Art of Doing Not Much

What a nice image. To do nothing. A white porcelain wall plaque,  with cobalt blue lettering, hanging right before you to amuse and inspire. 
The Spanish saying so makes me smile, that I put it into a  permanent, high fired ceramic art form. This style  of calligraphy is called " Brush lettering" , done with a rather small brush, held at an angle. Harder to write on clay than on paper, with its irregularities.
As of these past few weeks, I have been required to live this lifestyle. It is called " healing". I had a bit of surgery and the prescription is as follows: Do nothing; rest a lot; ice and elevate;  rest a lot.
 It makes me aware  that doing nothing is the most fun when the time and place is of your own choosing. Having to do not much of anything when it is necessity rather than choice, now there is the real test of this art form.
It is something to think about. Everything is a real joy when we choose it. Having to do something, even when it is nothing, well there is the challenge.

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