Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Teaching a New Book

Here I am with my sample book from the recent workshop I facilitated here in Sedona. I am sharing  a method of creating a book  composed of  single sheets of paper. The  sewing technique has an exposed Coptic stitch binding when completed. To those who have never made a book, this may  sound rather esoteric. Simply put, you sew each page to the one before it, then every two pages you loop together. This shows as a nice braided, Coptic, stitch on the spine. A thicker bookbinding or embroidery thread is used. Of course it is never Quite that simple. You  must be very careful not to rip your pages as you tighten them. I chose to make a paper cover, of a heavier stock than the pages. Covered mat board will also work, and can be more durable.
Since I had no words in this book, I wanted to add  embellishments, such as this pocket on the corner. I like books where you tuck in a little something. For paper, here is the same pattern that is on the cover, where I added a few gold metallic pipe cleaners  that came out of my wrapping box. You just never know what you need until you find it!
I think the most fun is to see how you give six individuals the same assignment, and the creations that arise are completely different and intriguing. It is always a  lesson  for me when I  teach.

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