Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Creating a "Wee Book"

Here I am with my latest creation of a "Wee Book". Measuring about 3 inches square, it certainly deserves its title. Inside are some fifteen images, relating the the theme of winter.
It is essentially one long page folded like an accordion, hence the name      " accordion fold". This book was a study in printing out text and assembling the images with words in a consecutive format.There were also lessons on using cutouts for design purposes, as in the cover you see.
I am a calligrapher, so using words from the computer is harder for me than just writing on a page. This is what is happening  today. I am trying to get into the twenty first century, even though I am more comfortable using  techniques from years gone by, when it was all was done by hand
My bookmaking often happens with a group of fellow artists in the book arts.  At the given workshop, we are all students, with one taking the turn of being the instructor. The level of competency is high with this group. It is inspiring and helpful to learn with others. Makes one feel less the idiot, seeing others in your same sense of confusion. 
Being a visual artist, I learn more by seeing things happen, rather than just reading instructions.That was one of my joys teaching classes in calligraphy, the kindred spirit of everyone learning.
So that is the story of creating this wee book.

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