Saturday, May 23, 2015

Calligraphy with a Connection

This print,  entitled " Apache Wedding Blessing", is currently displayed in my  Jerome show, "Reflections", which I wrote about in my last blog. Also , I show this at the Sedona Arts Center.
I choose to write out poetry or sayings that mean something to me. Having a connection with what I  write encourages my creativity. It's not that I can't be creative when I get a commission with which I  am not familiar.That happens often. It just seems to  flow easier when I like the words that flow from my calligraphy pen. 
This saying was brought to me by a client. It expresses the connection when a couple are joined together.Is it still used in native ceremonies? I do not know. Do people love it? Yes. It speaks to something inside of them. It states the coming together of a couple in poetic flow of words, that reach out to the reader on many levels.
That's a real joy for me, when people love what they see. It is a connection of the eyes,the mind, and really, the heart. Calligraphy with a connection.

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