Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Art of the Cake

 My sister surprised me with this lovely gift you see on the table before me. My family had gathered together for an event, which happened to be  on my birthday weekend.
 I was asked to come over to the table to see what was inside this lovely wrapping. I wished I had been the artist to have created this out of clay. Alas no, it was an entirely edible and delicious cake! Turquoise icing with a big white sugar ribbon.There was chocolate and raspberry, and white cake in layers. Boy did it taste good.
Art comes in many forms, and the mighty baker who made this had certainly taken the art of making a cake to a new level. Birthday cakes have been around a long time.This is the new cake. Alas, I had to get on a plane, and leave a bit of it with those who stayed behind. That's O.K. Art needs to be shared.

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