Sunday, July 27, 2014

Peace for Everyone

I love making letters. I often use pen and ink, or watercolor on paper. Recently I have expanded  into writing on clay. It is not only the joy of lettering that inspires me, I choose a word, or phrase that means something to me.
   With this  ceramic plaque,  I  carved out the letters in a clay slab,  to which I added a decorative border. I like a feeling of dimension. Painting  on four coats of  low fire white glaze, the piece then goes  into the kiln. Next comes a primitive firing to give that smokey look. Finally I use yarn , decorate with my ceramic bead, and it is  ready to hang. 
Why this particular message today? When I checked on my blog site, there was an audience from the Ukraine and Russia. How incredible that the internet goes so far. We are all connected on this earth.  Thank you for reading my blog written in far away Sedona, AZ.
 My wish is for peace for everyone.

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