Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summer Calligaraphy

I choose the words to  use in my calligraphy from their impact on  many facets of my being. This came to me on the front of a card and I cherished it, because it is so much what I think a real vacation embodies. This is worthy of putting in a permanent form.Cobalt blue  letters, brushed onto the white porcelain clay plaque seemto make it real. Ready to hang on a wall, to inspire and smile.
I so rarely  do nothing, unless I take myself away from my lovely studio here in Sedona. 
I know. We all move here thinking it will be hikes in the red rocks , and drinks with friends in the cafe. Doesn't often work that way I notice. Creating and running a business means there is always some affair to handle. Always a new project to complete, or even the mundane, like cleaning the studio.But I can look at this summer calligraphy, which  now hangs in a gallery in town, and dream about those lovely days of doing nothing. I think I have to rest now.


  1. Beautifully expressed in art and prose! I envision a small book with pics of your work on one side and your writings on the other.

  2. V, So good to meet you this evening and browse your blog...loved 'iris' and 'tango', two of my favorite things. Looking forward to keeping up with you on blogspot and SVAC.