Monday, February 17, 2014

Gems and Minerals and Jewelry

Here I am at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show last week. I create and sell jewelry  myself. Making my own beads from porcelain clay, I then stain them in a blue, green, or brown oxide.When high fired they are strong and durable. I string them with chips  of crystal, and some type of Arizona bead for spacers. Long necklaces and short; bracelets; and earrings make up my  line I call "Jewels". That gives me a good reason to head down to the fantasy world of the Tucson Gem Show in February. People come to buy and sell from all over the world. 
I remember back in the 1970's when I first visited. Then it was all focused in the Convention Center. Now the whole town has venues. To get inside the tents takes a resale license. Other outdoor booths will take anyone's funds. It is a rush to find those good deals that will make my jewelry glow. Of course, buying a bauble or two for myself is to be expected. Temptation abounds! This picture below really shows off the richness and sparkle that were present at this show.