Tuesday, January 28, 2014

White Magic Sculpture

This is a sculpture with a vase like quality I made a while ago. I was experimenting with using the potter's wheel to give me some different possibilities in size and shape.
 It is a large piece, about 14' tall by 8" wide. The round shape is a complete unit that sits on its pedestal. One could put something inside if desired. I chose a white crackle glaze,with stones of real Arizona turquoise to add a bit of "magic "to this monochromatic sculpture.
It is actually a low fired piece, which makes it more decorative than functional. To get the crackle from this glaze, I put the entire piece into a primitive fire and the shock of it made the glaze go crazy. Yes, we ceramic people like to go to the outer limits whenever  possible. Isn't that part of the magic? 


  1. Shock always makes me crackle, too. :-) I love that you embellished in turquoise.

  2. it sets the imagination in motion. seems almost human!