Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Art of Communication

Here I am with a poem I wrote about my two artistic passions, ceramics and calligraphy. I was in a workshop focused on creating a new alphabet, and then using it.  Yes, I know most of the historical styles, but it is fun to invent a new one occasionally.Being able to take my pen and manipulate it with each letter enabled me to create a consistent pattern, which is called an alphabet. I believe that is where many fonts used on your computer came from. A creative artist with pen and ink is playing with a purpose.

I have been combining my two skills lately, using the clay as a canvas on which to letter.Some of my previous blogs have shared this process. 
There is something about the magic of letters, how they are shaped; the medium in which they are created; the ability to have others share our thoughts. I am actually writing about the art of communication, aren't I?
We want, no we need, to share our thoughts, our ideas with others. Art  expands the borders of how we perceive and express our thoughts. The list of " shoulds " can go out the window. Sometimes we are able to connect with our viewer. They are willing to pay the artist  to have this creation in their space, to enjoy this fresh perspective.That is a nice connection for both parties.  

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  1. These comments ring so true! I'm reminded that calligraphy is an art form encompassing so much more than a font.