Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Horse Box

Writing about my kitty box made me realize that I really do like to put animals on my artwork. This piece is entitled the " Horse Box", and is a handmade porcelain container, with lid. It  measures about seven by ten inches, with tail and mane. For this vessel I chose a red and celadon green color scheme. Who says my critters can't be any color I choose to make them? Naturally, being a horse, it has to have a tail and mane, and what better material to use than the real thing? I do like to make art that can make the viewer smile. 
When I recently redid my website, at
I put in a section entitled Masks and Folk Art. I consider folk art to be about things in everyday life, often created in a somewhat primitive style. I went to look up a better definition in my art history books, and I could not find one. So this is my definition and my Horse Box  is an example of  my folk art. 


  1. I love the horse with a major mohawk!

  2. What a delightful horse box. The whimsical animal and the color choices remind me of some ancient Chinese ceramic works....Joan

  3. I always love your work, V! But the animals are just too fun! My son just asked about the cool horse with the mohawk....he wondered why you chose to create it that way. :)
    Keep doing what you do so well.